Sell Photos Online: 15 Websites & Tips To Sell More Fundamentals Explained

Published Sep 13, 21
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If you’re interested in their prestige, Adobe Stock or Shutterstock are great options. If your goal is to get as much commission as possible, Stocksy offers a great deal. You can either build your own website and integrate an e, Commerce solution into it or look up stock photo websites and become a contributor.

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For example, if you sell them on stock photo websites, you earn a commission for each picture sold (each website has its own policy regarding the commission). If you want 100% of the commission, you should set up your own website and sell your photographs there. However, if you’re looking for a safer solution, you can become a contributor to a stock photography website – each website has its own payout policy.

Foap is a stock photo website that allows you to upload pictures taken with your mobile phone (digital photos).

The most popular ones are stock photo agencies. There are also a few websites where you can sell your pictures directly to clients or even as artwork. Stock Photography Websites Stock photography sites are significant in two ways. First, they sell your work for you. Once you upload the photos, all you have to do is sit back and watch your profits grow.

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In other words, they give you ideas and hints on what images have a higher chance of making you money. The problem with these sites is that they provide a lot of content, which grows every minute. That means your photos will be competing with millions of other options on the internet.

Stock photo websites have when selling photos online. You need to follow plenty of rules around the quality and information needed for every image. Alamy is a British stock photography website, started in 1999. To date, it has over 60 million photos and videos. There is a reason for this tremendous amount of content.

The best thing is, you get to keep the copyright and still sell the images in other places. Like i, Stock and Shutterstock, this agency is a perfect starting point if you want to sell online photos. It’s user-friendly, and the requirements are not as stringent as its rivals. What makes Dreamstime different is that you get to create and your galleries.

You can think of this agency more as a hosting site in that respect. But of course, that doesn’t mean you can post just about anything. Your submissions will still go through a to make sure you don’t violate the site rules. For instance, you can’t upload violent or .

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And that’s why selling photos online using this platform is also unique. People can buy stock photos with regular payment options. But as they do, they also earn credits that they can use to purchase even more content from the site. So that means you have two ways of making money.

Four million buyers use this site, so it is in your best interest to show them your images. This company is perhaps the most prestigious on the list. Since it was founded in 1995, it has become one of the premier stock and websites in the world. As mentioned earlier, i, Stock is Getty Image’s microstock photography branch.

That’s why it’s undoubtedly the site that publishers love to look at when searching for new images. You will find that this site has very high standards. It might take longer to find your best images and make sure they are spic-and-span for this page. They also require to your work, meaning you can’t sell them elsewhere.

Despite not being as popular as the other stock sites, plenty of people use Photocase regularly. Why? Because it provides options for those who don’t like cookie-cutter photos but can’t afford Stocksy. Photocase also has a unique payment system - make money with your phone. You start with a 20% share and have to potential to earn up to as more people upload your photos.

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Then all they have to do is click to purchase to remove the watermark. Canva’s ease of use means that there’s a lot of potential for you to earn money. There are tons of people who don’t usually use stock agencies but buy photos from the platform regularly. With millions of users, they’re continually expanding and looking for new stock photos to sell.

Most of the products are unique, and a lot are one-off items that the creators won’t make again. With more than 30 million users, Etsy is a great platform to sell your photos. You can also recreate your brand on Etsy. You set the price for your images and even design a page that displays your photos the best.